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👋 hey there!

My name is Georgi Gardev and I'm a front-end developer.

I enjoy working on user interfaces, brainstorming about UX and interaction design, and learning about all things product development. I'm based in Sofia, Bulgaria and I currently work at LatticeFlow. Previously @ VMware, Leanplum, Hyperscience.

I'm also into home automation, music production, guitar, and drone video shooting. You can check out some of the things I've worked on below.


Above the Fortress - Belogradchik

Above the Fortress - Belogradchik by Georgi Gardev

Find your next diving spot! A website that lists alternatives to various subreddits on different platforms like Kbin, Lemmy, Discord, and


A Time Picker card for Home Assistant's Lovelace UI.Time Picker card

Davy Jones Theme - Kalimba

Davy Jones Theme - Kalimba by Georgi Gardev


My Home Assistant setup. Some features include:
  • Presence detection
  • Custom dashboard
  • 3D interactive model


A Home Assistant sensor for reading Slack statuses.

latest posts

Making macOS more usable

I often hear two vastly different opinions on macOS that are opposites on the same spectrum - the OS is either great because "it just works", or terrible because it is "very limited and can't be customized". I think both are wrong.